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Negotiating the Days

Lizzie Madder was born in Stoke-on-Trent, but moved to Leicester in the 1960s. She is a poet and artist and has studied both fashion design and botanical art. Since 2002, she has lived in Cambridgeshire where she now explores the Fenland landscape through her poetry, photography and watercolours. In 2006, she was diagnosed and treated for anal cancer. Netogiating the Days is her first poetry collection.

Cathy Grindrod - These poems tell of one woman's difficult and courageous journey but at all times speak for, and to, many.

REVIEWS (Sphinx 2012):

Helena Nelson - You read the sequence from start to finish, without pausing. No messing about with persona here: the poet talks about her experience personally and nakedly, although there's much she doesn't say. That sense of reserve also enriches the narrative. There's not so much as a hint of self-pity.

Fiona Moore - Each poem in this cancer diary focuses on a state of mind, a moment, a milestone.

Peter Jarvis - Lizzie Madder's consummate collection is suffused with courage, humanity, good humour, gentleness and grace.