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Night Rider by Marilyn Ricci

Marilyn Ricci is a poet, playwright and editor living in Leicestershire. For many years she worked for the Open University. Her poetry has been published in a wide range of magazines; her pamphlet, Rebuilding a Number 39, was published by HappenStance Press. Night Rider is her first full-length collection.

Maria Taylor - Intimate, honest and wise, Marilyn Ricci's poetry is full of life and verve. Night Rider is a highly enjoyable collection that balances often gritty memories and experiences with warmth and poetic precision.

Graham Hardie (London Grip review, June 2017) - There is much to admire in Marilyn Ricci’s Night Rider: its poignant sense of place and time; its eloquent and extremely plausible use of description; its benevolent sentiment and the flowing and articulate way it is written. A must-buy for any poetry lover!
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