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TAKE THREE, Soundswrite Press New Poets, Volume 1

Tuesday Shannon is a teacher, poet and playwright, born and raised in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. In 2012 she took part in the Royal Court Theatreís Young Writerís Programme, and in 2017 completed an MA in Creative Writing. She is currently a PhD researcher at Nottingham Trent University.

Pippa Hennessy is a writer, publisher and bookseller living and working in Nottingham. She has published poetry, short text and graphic fiction and non-fiction in a variety of magazines and anthologies. She is currently trying to understand quantum theory through poetry (or possibly vice versa).
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Elizabeth Hourston was born and brought up in Orkney and graduated from Edinburgh University. She was a teacher for many years and now lives in Leicestershire. She has poems published in magazines and anthologies and has written two books of narrative verse to commemorate the founding of St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall.

Jenny Swann - Take Three, Volume 1 introduces three fabulous new poets. Tuesday Shannonís work explores the superimposition of the present over earlier times, like an archaeological dig sifting through chaos and rubble to find whatís left of the past and whether it still matters. Next are Pippa Hennessyís poems Ė so inventive, clever and touching. If at one moment the universe seems uncertain or even collapsible, elsewhere there is certainty and beauty. And as a delicious finale, Elizabeth Hourston conjures the Orkney landscapes she grew up among. The poems have a fine clean ring to them that fixes them in the readerís mind as surely as the moon rises and the curlew cries. Brava to each of these new poets!

Rory Waterman - What a wonderful book: here we find three very different, very talented, as yet relatively unknown poets, all given enough room for us to get inside what they do. Tuesday Shannon is, above all, a vivid poet of place, of and from and keen not to romanticise post-industrial landscapes, with a Heaneyesque sense for details and a rare and affecting talent for exposing what often isnít said. Pippa Hennessyís moving, often witty, highly readable and original poems draw on science and formulas to throw shafts of light on unpredictable humanity. Elizabeth Hourstonís poetry is terse, precise, inquisitive, the perfect attributes for her human narratives often set in the salty, windswept, ravaged landscapes of Orkney. All three of them deserve your attention, and will hold it.