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Open this book. Expect the unexpected. ‘Fall in love unsuitably’ Listen to an owl’s flight ‘quieter than the creak of cotton wool. Dream the voice of a ghost who is ‘never central, always peripheral.’ Each poem is its own act of rapt attention, whether it is to family origins, or to the infinitely variable here-and-now, or to an imagined world, say that of pure mathematics, or the elaborate utopia conjured by the arrival of two white swans – ‘missionaries’ – to ‘our canal -/ our coffee-coloured swillage’.

The editors, poets themselves, have created an anthology that is itself a work of art. Just as the Soundswrite poets ‘spark each other off’ when they meet, so do their poems in the pages of this anthology. The editors’ subtle juxtapositions and sequencings invite the reader to make her or his own creative links with each poem, and with the whole collection.

Catherine Byron
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